Embedding an X application in a webpage

Embedding an X application in a webpage

I’m interested in this to run cool xsreensavers, eg xmatrix, glmatrix

BUT running VNC without a password seems very vulnerable!

I might try a google hack – searching for VncViewer port 5930


5 Responses to “Embedding an X application in a webpage”

  1. SluggoJD Says:

    Hi Roger,

    You seem to be pretty sharp on all this stuff, so I wonder if you can help. If you are not an Obama supporter, you might turn me down btw…but bad guys are bad guys, and when someone really screws with people, I try to do something about it, no matter who they support.

    There is a wordpress site online that has been deeply involved in manufacturing hoaxes about Obama:

    Email address africanpress@getmail.no

    Supposedly, a person known as Sammy Korir, a Kenyan living in Norway, is behind all the crap there. Using pointofmail.com, whoever reads emails for africanpress@getmail.no returns an IP of, Asker, Norway. The same IP is returned from email header information.

    However, I am convinced that Sammy Korir is not behind this “scam.” I recognize it as the work of someone else, who has done similar things the last 4 years online, but I can’t prove it.

    Traceroute times out before a complete trace, so I suspect but can’t prove that re-routing is taking place.

    My skills are clearly limited compared to your apparent knowledge. I wonder if you can help get to the bottom of who is really behind this African Press site.

    John Dean

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  5. Tanya Says:

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