Firefox vulnerability

On public computers it is important to change the settings so it deletes the history file when it is closed, rather than after 30 days which is standard setting. Although firefox’s history files are securely in weird .MORK files but they can be accessed with a perl script called They are still accessable from their hidden history.dat file which can be opened with Notepad. 

In XP- C:\Documents and settings\USER\application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\PROFILE NAME\history.dat

In Linux- ~/.Mozilla/profiles/PROFILE NAME/history.dat

OR from the [[cookie]] data In

XP- C:\Documents and settings\USER\application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\PROFILENAME\cookies.dat

In Linux ~/.Mozilla/profiles/PROFILE NAME/cookies.dat

also in linux browse this URL- about:cache

After I complain lots they finally fixed this forensics vulnerability in Firefox 3