Linux Live Cds

These are full os security tools-


Anti-forensics Action

I went and did IT support for 100 of the most under surveilance people in the UK. Cleaning the registry MRUs, overwriting history folders, deleting contents of index.dat files, overwriting “deleted” files on blank parts of their harddrive, removing spyware, installing encryption and securing their firewall.

At somepoint in the future this will really anoy forensic experts!

Hacktivist SEO

For eight years I was doing Search Engine Optimation, also known as Search Engine Spamming or Splogging.

Not for financial reasons but for advanced informatic reasons. I helped launch-

  • 1000 campaign websites (Yes Men, Greenpeace, CND)
  • 500 open source software projects  (including Firefox, Ubuntu Linux etc.)
  • 200 Web 2.0 websites  (including wikipedia, youtube, indymedia, facebook etc.) 

As soon as it was automated I had my blogger account wiped. I do know how to automate it but I don’t really approve of wasting surfers time with autogenerated rubbish.